Carlos Moedas on Horizon Europe

“Horizon 2020 was around €77 billion. If you subtract the United Kingdom, because the United Kingdom was a big part of the programme, that would be €67 billion. And today the programme we are putting forward is €100 billion. €100 billion for 27 countries compared with €67 billion for 27 countries. You are talking about the biggest increase in absolute amounts ever.”

Maya Plentz

In October of 2016 Ms. Plentz Fagundes was appointed by the European Commission to the High Level Group of Experts to review the impact of Horizon 2020, the £80 Billion Framework Programme to fund Research and Innovation in the EU from 2014 to 2020.

Direitos Humanos

“Eu disse já em vários discursos, em várias declarações, que os direitos da mulher não são um capítulo na agenda dos direitos humanos, eles são um tema central. Porque? Em primeiro lugar porque a mulher representa mais de cinquenta por cento da população mundial. Mas em segundo lugar também porque, via de regra, esses direitos…

Ministro da Cultura Gilberto Gil at the UN

As iniciativas da UNESCO nesse campo, em termos internacionais, no sentido de incentivar programas nacionais de catalogação, de mapeamento, de registros, de tombamentos e etc. é uma iniciativa muito forte.

European Commission

In September 2016 the European Commission set up a High Level Group of experts, following a call for expression of interest to which over 350 candidates responded.  Ms. Plentz  was appointed by Commissioner Moedas to contribute her communications and innovation ecosystems’ expertise to the mid-term evaluation of H2020 and make recommendations for the new funding cycle, Horizon Europe.

In the context of the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020, the Group’s mandate was to provide recommendations on how to maximise the impact of the EU’s investment in research and innovation.  The group was chaired by Pascal Lamy, former World Trade Organization Director-General, former EU Trade Commissioner, and President Emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute.

Tech Tastes Wine: The Year in Review

By Maya Plentz As we approach Fall of 2016 I want to take a moment to reflect on what we have accomplished. It would not have been possible without the generosity of our partners in the wine sector, angel investors, and London-based founders. So, to all of you (you know who you are), my heartfelt thank…

Policy and the Internet of Things

  By Maya Plentz Paris, December 2014 Day one at LeWeb, the digital conference founded by Loïc Le Meur, was about the increased adoption of wearables to track workers’ health stats, IoT generated data and its attendant issues of privacy and data ownership, and how 2015 will see the collaborative economy take off for good. At the…

The Future of Retail

“It is no surprise for those in the trenches, managing day-to-day the IT department and the media relations team, that Gartner’s latest report identifying the 10 strategic technology trends for 2015 sees the well-articulated and executed digital strategy at the core of successful, profitable, companies.” By Maya Plentz In our increasingly connected world every layer…

UNHCR, WFP, and UNICEF Launch a Digital Platform

“Three UN agencies have launched a digital platform to streamline the application process and evaluation of partner NGOs.” By Maya Plentz   Twitter @MayaPlentz United Nations, November 12, 2018 —  Three UN agencies have launched a digital platform to streamline the application process and evaluation of partner NGOs. The United Nations Partnership Portal (UNPP), draws…

Gender and Research Funding

Link to my speech at the WSIS High Level Policy panel, at ITU Headquarters in 2018 WSIS Forum: Link to talk at the World Summit on the Information Society  Forum 2017 Twitter Moments ⚡️World Summit on the Information Society here ITU 2018  This is the link to my speech / policy statement at the 2018 WSISI Forum, High-Level Policy Session…

O Brasil na ONU em 2003

“Não se trata apenas de reivindicar um lugar para o Brasil, se trata de fazer com que o Conselho de Segurança da ONU expresse a realidade contemporânea do mundo.”  

Engineering at FIU

“A Florida university and an insurer that incurred hundreds of millions of dollars in losses during recent hurricanes are teaming up to find ways to help buildings survive massive storms. Their tool: Giant fans.”   Results of media relations campaigns by Maya Plentz for FIU Placement: Wall Street Journal From Fans’ Whirlwind, Researchers Reap Data…


“Women and girls are being infected with the HIV/AIDS virus at an alarming rate in developing countries, according to a study by the United Nations Population Fund.” Alarming Rate of HIV/AIDS Infections Among Women and Girls By Maya Plentz Geneva, 28thJune 2004 –  Women and girls are being infected with the HIV/AIDS virus at an alarming…